Türkiye Scholarships 2020 application

PASSPORT NOTICE For 2020 Applications As part of 2020 application and evaluation process, in order to facilitate and quicken the later stages of your admission, although it is not compulsory, all candidates planning to apply this year are strongly advised to make their application with a valid passport as their personal or identification document, or at least hold and present a valid passport during the scholarship interviews.

Apart from providing education opportunities at an international caliber as well as a wealth of knowledge and experience, Turkey offers scholarships to international students from all over the world to study in the most prestigious universities in Turkey.

Türkiye Scholarships is a government-funded, competitive scholarship program, awarded to outstanding students to pursue full-time or short-term program at the top universities in Turkey.
Türkiye Scholarships aims to build a network of future leaders committed to strengthening cooperation among countries and mutual understanding among societies. 

Application Dates: 10 January – 20 February 2020
Türkiye Scholarships applications for 2020 will be received in one period, and applications will be open between 10th January- 20th February 2020 for international students from all countries.

What is unique about Türkiye Scholarships?
What makes Türkiye Scholarships unique is that it’s not only inclusive of financial support but also provides university placement to its awardees at all levels of higher education.

Programs and Levels of Study
Programs open for application are: Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs 
Applications will be open to applicants who wish to study at bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels. 
Other programs such as Research Scholarships, Success Scholarships, and KATİP have different application periods and are announced regularly on our website and social media channels.

Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin History of Science Scholarship Program

Honoring the memory and extensive work of Prof. Dr. Fuat SEZGIN in the field of History of Science, 2019 has been declared “Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Year of Science of History” where numerous programs and activities will be held in this scope throughout the year.
As Türkiye Scholarships, the “Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin History of Science Scholarship Program” will be open for candidates who wish to study at Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD levels as well as Research (PhD candidates at thesis stage and post-doc) in the field of History of Science with special focus on History of Islamic Science. 

The Scholarship Program will be jointly carried out with Prof. Dr. Fuat Sezgin Foundation for Islamic History Research (IBTAV): http://www.en.ibtav.org/   

Candidates applying at Bachelor's, Master's and PhD levels are welcome to apply between the dates 10 January – 20 February 2020.
Research applicants can apply throuhout the year.

Two additional bonus awards will be granted to successful scholarship holders within the period of their study.